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10 Ways To Make A Funeral More Personal

The prospect of funerals can be upsetting, but it’s also a way to celebrate someone’s life. We’ve listed some ways to personalise a service. These personal touches can help you feel connected to your loved one.

Colourful Clothing

Black or darker colours are traditionally worn to funerals as a sign of respect and mourning. More and more people are opting for brighter shades at ceremonies to symbolise a celebration of life. It’s quite often that families or friends of loved ones prefer guests to show up in ‘anything but black’. You could even choose their favourite colour and tell people to incorporate it in their outfits.

Play Favourite Songs

Does a certain song remind you of someone? The music at a service can help show personality and make it memorable for loved ones. Whether it’s a favourite song or a much-loved hymn, it’s a lovely idea to include meaningful lyrics.

flowers in glasses
mourner holding a flower at a coffin

Choose The Right Flowers At Funerals

Flowers are an essential addition to any service. Typically, lilies or roses are the most popular choice. However, funerals can be fully personalised, so you can choose whatever flowers you wish. It may be a nice tribute if favourite flowers are used, or flowers that are the favourite colour of the deceased.

Make A Memory Table

Another idea for unique funerals is to have a memory table. This can include anything from photos to trinkets, and medals to written anecdotes. It can be set up for people to look at and add to, ensuring a very personal send-off. By allowing everyone in attendance to add their unique memories of the deceased to the table, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about their life and treasure their memory.

Memory Table

Include Their Hobbies & Achievements

Incorporating hobbies and passions into the day can help make a funeral more unique. For instance, guests could be asked to wear football shirts if the recently departed was a fan of the sport. Or, if they loved to run marathons, having their medals displayed could be a nice touch.

mourners holding flowers

Hand Out Keepsakes At Funerals

Giving guests a memento of a person can be a way of making a service more personal. There are so many ideas to browse on the internet. We like the idea of handing out seeds for guests to plant at home in memory.

Display Photos

Having photos visible that show different aspects of personality is a great way to make funerals personal. You could get creative with how you display them too, by making a collage or a memory tree

Give A Touching Eulogy

Eulogies happen at lots of services, but it’s a chance to make a ceremony special and memorable. Telling fond memories or funny anecdotes of the loved one is a great place to start. Often eulogies are the most remembered part of funerals, so making it more personal can ensure it’s special.

Remembering a loved one
grass effects

Unique Order Of Service

While this practically shows the schedule of events for the day, there’s no limitation on what can go into an order of service. The fonts, colours, or images can be edited to reflect the personality of a loved one. You can insert lyrics, collages or even a life timeline of events and achievements.

Charity Donations At Funerals

If a charity was close to your loved one’s heart, it may be a good idea to involve them at the funeral. Whether they fundraised for them before, or it’s an organisation that helped them during illness, having a physical box or an online link to donations could be a special touch.

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