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3 Tips For Writing A Funeral Tribute

Writing a funeral tribute can be an extremely emotional experience. It can be difficult to put into words how much someone meant to you, or the impact they have had on your life. It can also be hard to know where to begin. If you are struggling to write a tribute for someone you’ve lost, we are here to help. In this short guide, we share 3 tips for composing your speech.

1. Structure Your Tribute

Having a structure for your tribute is useful for organising your thoughts and creating a plan. Though knowing how to begin may be tricky, thinking about the course of your loved one’s life can be a good prompt. Perhaps you could lead by speaking about their greatest passions, or an achievement they were particularly proud of. Maybe they were known for their kind heart or sense of humour. All of these sentiments can be useful for breaking into your writing.  Alternatively, you could structure the tribute like a story, sharing their life from the beginning. If you aren’t sure how to bring your speech to a close, you could end with a classic quote, or comment about their character.

2. Reflect On Your Loved One’s Life

Reflecting over someone’s life can provide inspiration for writing a tribute. Try flipping through photo albums or sharing memories with friends and family. You may even find out something you didn’t know about them! Additionally, simply listening to their favourite songs or visiting a treasured location may also help you to channel your thoughts.

3. Keep Your Tribute Concise

Sticking to a time frame can be tough when it comes to talking about a person you’ve lost. However, it is important to keep your speech concise in accordance with the order of service. You could always ask a trusted friend or family member to help you if you are struggling with making refinements. Though most tributes last no longer than 10 minutes, this can vary depending on the length of the funeral. If you are unsure how long your eulogy should be, ask your funeral director for their advice. 

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