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Arranging a Funeral During Coronavirus

Albert E Hicks understand that arranging a funeral during Coronavirus is making things even more difficult than they usually would be. There may be restrictions and regulations in place that haven’t always been, but our quality of care and service has not changed in all the years we have been in the industry. To find out more information about how we can help you, call us on 01633 259225.

Funeral Planning & Lockdown

You may be lost with funeral planning and lockdown stress getting to you, but our team continue to support and guide out customers and their family or friends to help in any way we can. We have a range of prepaid funeral plans if you feel you would like to get ahead with arranging your funeral or one of a loved one. The cost of these range from low to high so they are attainable for any budget.

There are three kinds of funeral plans we have which are the simple, traditional, and exclusive way plans. Each of these come with different kinds of benefits but can all be personalised to make the special day truly unique. We have another blog which tells you more about our prepaid funeral plans which will tell you more about them in detail. Whether you’re planning for yourself or a loved one, they are a great option to ensure things are taken care of when the day comes of you needing to put the plan in action. Arranging a funeral shouldn’t be a lonely process, so our team are here to offer full support should you need it.

What Are The Rules?

We are in an ever-changing situation at the moment, and the current rules allow funerals to still go ahead but with restrictions in place. All Cemeteries in Gwent, including the Crematorium, are allowed a maximum of 10 people to attend at one time. There is a limit of 20 in Langstone Vale Crematorium allowed in the chapel, which is good news for bigger families. To protect those at our offices, we ask that you call to arrange a suitable time to call in to us if you need to. You can reach our friendly team on 01633 259225.

The specific rules and figures are subject to regularly change given we have not experienced a pandemic like this, especially not in the 90 years we at Albert E hicks have been helping families. You can rest assure that our attitude towards our work and our role to service those who need us has not changed whatsoever. We continue to help in any way we can, if not more during these difficult times, to take some stress away from the often uncomfortable process of funeral planning.

Call Us For Coronavirus Funeral Help

Be sure to call us for Coronavirus help! You can put your trust in us to make things as smooth as possible for you, despite all that is going on in the world currently. Our friendly team will offer complete support and answer any questions you have, so call us on 01633 259225

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