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Social Distancing And Funerals

Social distancing and funerals have become a talking point over the past 6 months. With limits on how we undertake our everyday lives, meeting these challenges has been difficult for everyone. Funerals and how they taken place, have been greatly affected. With limited numbers on who can attend and the social distancing that needs to take place, this has been very difficult for the families and loved ones of the deceased.

Who Can Go To Funerals

Funeral attendance is now limited to 30 people and as long as social distancing is observed, most people will be able to attend. This is of course if they are healthy and not showing any signs of symptoms. If you do come under the protected categories, the government have said you are able to attend but if you don’t feel like you can, there are ways for you to be involved in the funeral, without attending.

Involving People Who Can’t Go To The Funeral        

Many funeral venues are now providing live streams of the funeral as it takes place, although many find this a little odd, this can be a way for those who don’t feel safe to attend in person to take part. As with a standard funeral, a time will be provided for when the service will start.

If you are planning a funeral and want to know the options for people who may not be able to attend to take part. Ask your local funeral director for assistance or ask the funeral venue direct. Yes, it will be strange but this way they will be able to take part in some way.  

Also, for people who are unable to attend on the day, they can feel separated. If they would like to help plan the funeral service and have an involvement in celebrating the deceased’s life, this can go a long way to helping them feel like a part of the day.

Help and Support With Your Funeral Plans

If you need any information or help with social distancing and funerals, contact Albert E Hicks. We provide help and support with your funeral plans and are able to advise on how funerals have been affected by the current situation. Our team have many years’ experience of arranging funerals under different circumstances, and although the current situation is very unique, we are able to provide the best service for our client

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