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Creating An Order Of Service

If you’ve decided to have an order of service, knowing where to start can be difficult. Perhaps there is a lot you’d like to cover, or maybe you are unsure of what your loved one would have wanted. In any respect, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you channel your thoughts.

Firstly, What Is An Order Of Service?

An order of service is a small booklet which dictates the format and structure of a funeral. It gives details of when certain events will take place, such as the eulogy, and provides lyrics to the songs and poems performed during the service. Images of your loved one, together with details of the Wake are usually included as well. The order of service is not mandatory, so having one is entirely up to you. 

What Should Be Included?

Each order of service is unique and personal. However, there are some common elements that you may wish to include. For example:

  • The person’s name
  • Their date of birth and death
  • Images of your loved one
  • The funeral’s time and location
  • The structure of the funeral (when each part of the service will take place, such as readings)
  • Details of the Wake and/or charity donations

How To Choose Images

We understand that picking out just a few images can be hard. Going through pictures of a recently departed loved one can be an emotionally complicated experience. If you are struggling to decide, we recommend using photos of them at their happiest as a safe and sensible choice. You could also include pictures of them enjoying their hobbies, spending time with family, or even at different ages in their life.

Making The Order Of Service Personal

Adding personal touches to the order of service is a wonderful way to honour the interests and personality of your loved one. For instance, if they loved butterflies, you could decorate the booklet with a butterfly border. Or, if they cared for the environment, consider printing the order of service onto recycled paper. You could even print the text in their favourite colour. 

Singing cherished songs and hymns is another way to add a more intimate feel to the service. For serious football fans, your loved one’s team chant is a great choice. Or, for married people, including the song of their first dance can be incredibly heartfelt.

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