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Funeral Cars

Albert E. Hicks Limited Funeral Directors have a fleet of funeral cars and hearses to provide appropriate transportation on the day of the funeral.

Traditionally, a hearse will carry the coffin to the funeral service followed by a procession of limousines. We have a fleet of modern and comfortable black limousines. Limousines are the preferred choice of transport for immediate family and close friends.

The chauffeured limousines will follow the hearse in procession to the location of the funeral. Of course, travelling by limousine is not compulsory. However, this service can relieve the family of the deceased of any transportation, timekeeping and parking worries on the day.

Funeral Procession

It is possible to choose the route of the funeral procession. We will do all we can to accommodate your requests. Often, close relatives will want the procession to pass by a favourite place of the deceased, adding a personal touch to the journey. If you would like to choose a special route for the procession, please speak to us about this when planning the funeral.

Alternatively, the procession can take the most direct route to the location of the funeral. This option is popular with mourners who are likely to find the day particularly distressing.

Our Fleet of Funeral Cars

Our fleet of funeral cars includes modern, comfortable and air conditioned Ford hearses and limousines.


Limousines provide a respectful and dignified way to travel to the funeral service.

If the service is at a different location to the burial or crematorium, our chauffeured limousine service will also provide transportation to the cemetery or crematorium, and finally to the wake.

Our limousines can carry 7 mourners in total, with 1 person in the front and up to 6 people in the main compartment. We maintain our fleet of limousines to the highest standard, in addition, they all offer air conditioning.

The Traditional Hearse

Albert E. Hicks Limited Funeral Directors have a fleet of modern, yet, traditional, black hearses. The hearse will transport your loved one to the funeral service. If the funeral service is held at a different location to the burial or cremation, the hearse will carry your loved one on to either the cemetery or crematorium.

We maintain our hearses to the highest standards. The final journey of a loved one is so important, therefore, we ensure that it is a journey marked with dignity and honour.

Traditionally mourners will decorate the hearse with floral arrangements. If you require help with the ordering of suitable flowers for the funeral hearse and funeral service, then please mention this when planning the funeral.

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