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Funeral Guide: Which Should You Choose?

It can be hard to decide what sort of plans we’d like to make for a funeral. It’s important to think about your options for an end-of-life commemoration, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Have you decided which kind of service you would like? We’ve put together a few things that you might want to keep in mind.

Cremation Or Burial?

First things first, you should think about which is more suitable for you, a cremation or a burial. This could dictate the type of funeral that you choose. The traditions of these services can help guide you.

A cremation often has the entire service held at the crematorium. Whereas a burial traditionally has a service beforehand, and then a committal as the coffin is lowered into the ground. All funerals are unique, so don’t be afraid to do exactly as you wish.

top of a church building with a visible cross

Religious Ceremonies

Lots of services are faith-based, with many being held in places of worship. The growing diversity of our population means that there are multiple types of religious ceremonies. Depending on the religion, a ceremony can have different traditions and rituals that you could follow. Religious funerals can be as flexible as you wish, with religious songs or readings making up the service.

Non-Religious And Humanist Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies may be more appropriate when the deceased has not had any formal connection with a religion. However, they may choose to involve some religious activity such as hymns or prayers. So, if the deceased was not fully religious but would like the addition of some faith, this route may be taken.

mourner holding a flower at a coffin

The other option is having a humanist service, this doesn’t involve any religious practises and acts as a very personal celebration of life. You could decide on a more contemporary service, paying homage to any passions and hobbies. This could make for a more unique and individual celebration.

Environmentally Friendly Funerals

Green ceremonies are getting more and more popular. You could opt for a send-off that has as little impact on the earth as possible. This involves biodegradable coffins and being buried on a green site. If you’re conscious of the environment or know someone who also cared deeply about the planet, this could be this choice for you.

Planning A Funeral

You can have a ceremony wherever you can get permission. The more obvious choice is at a place of worship, a cemetery or a crematorium, but you can also seek out a village hall or a function room at a pub or hotel.

There are a few more questions to ask yourself or a loved one, such as whether a wake or a committal should be a part of the day. Celebrating a life can take a bit of planning, so make sure you have an idea of what kind of service you’re looking for.

Contact Us For More Information About Funerals

If you’re unsure about what type to choose, our team can help you. We’ll guid you through each stage of the planning process. At Albert E Hicks, we can tailor funeral plans to your needs, giving you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

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