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Funeral Plans Checklist

When planning a funeral, for anytime in your life, is very hard. No one likes to think about planning for a time when you won’t be here, and it can seem morbid. Although this can be the case, planning for your own funeral can save both money and the extra worry for your loved ones when the time comes. Having a funeral plans checklist can help you to ensure you have covered all the bases in the funeral planning process.

Pre-Pay Funeral Plans

Pre-pay funeral plans are a great way to plan for a future funeral but keep todays prices. Your local funeral director will go through the planning process and ensure you have all the information you need. The payment options for pre-paid funeral plans will vary but, in most cases, there are three payment methods. These include, one lump sum, flexible payment options and fixed payment options. There will generally be an option that matches your requirements and budget.

Funeral Plans For Over 50s

Most believe that you need to have funeral plan well before you turn 50 to have the benefits but there are many plans that suit those 50 and even up to 90. Just ask your provider and see how your pre-paid funeral plan can be tailored to meet your needs, no matter your age.

Ask The Funeral Plan Experts

As we have said above, your local funeral director is a great source of knowledge and help when planning a funeral. Here at Albert E. Hicks we like our clients to feel comfortable with us and get the best level of service at all time. Out team is here to help with any questions you have about funeral and funeral plans. The best advice we can give is to never be afraid to ask, we have heard all the questions you can think of and have a wealth of experience. Contact us on 01633 259 225

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