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Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Here at AE Hicks Funeral Directors, we know and appreciate that people prefer to plan their own funeral arrangements well in advance. Our own funeral planning experts can help you create a comfortable and appropriate plan for when the day of your passing comes.

Without the help of funeral home experts, there are a few occasional mistakes that we see made in basic funeral pre-planning. Here are several of these common errors, and how you can avoid recreating them.

Waiting for Illness

In many cases, people do not start any funeral planning until they have already gotten sick with a potential life-threatening illness. This is unadvisable for several reasons: Firstly, there is no guarantee that you will have a significant period of illness before passing on, and secondly there will be several other concerns that arise once you become very ill.

Pre-planning the funeral before these issues have come up is the smart way to go and will help ease the pressure on your family during a period when there will be lots of stressors and other things to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Planning

Many parts of the funeral planning process are very important decisions, and you should not feel at all bad about asking questions in areas that you are unsure about. If that is what it takes to ensure your wishes are carried out, it is your right to exercise it.

Talk About Funeral Planning

It is important to plan with a professional, but it is as important to keep an open line of communication with family members. This will help keep them abreast of the things you are planning for your funeral, so they are on the same page when the time comes and aware of your plans and wants.

Communicate Your Funeral Plans

Communicating your funeral plans and needs, whether it is cremation, burial or a visitation option, is so important, and this is what AE Hicks are here for. This ensures that no last-minute decisions must be made or made plans forgotten.

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