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Funerals and Coronavirus, Everything You Need To Know

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of our lives including funerals. At what is a very difficult time, the added stress of social distancing and not knowing who can attend the service can have great affect. There are many conditions and procedures that need to now be followed, this can make a family fill like the deceased is not being celebrated. We have put together a guide to how coronavirus has affected funerals and how they affect you if you are planning one.

How Has Coronavirus Effected Funerals  

There has been a wide set of rules about how funerals can be held in the wake of the pandemic, how has coronavirus effected funeral services?

The main rule that started at the beginning of the outbreak was the limit on who could attend the funeral. This has had a great effect on funeral services across the country. With funerals being limited to numbers from 6 to no one being allowed to mourn. As funeral services were limited in numbers the allowance for the wakes were also affected, as gatherings were not allowed. This coursed great upset for many families. This has now changed, and more people are allowed to attend the funeral service.

Can Family and Friends Attend a Funeral               

The short answer is yes. Friends and family can now attend the funeral but there are limits on the amounts of people that can. There are also guidelines that everyone needs to follow whilst in attendance. Ask your local funeral director for any details you need; these guidelines have been laid out by the governments and are available to view here. If you have any questions, please contact us here at A E Hicks. We will be happy to guide you through the new conditions.

Number of People At A Funeral Change

The new number of people at a funeral is now limited to 30 people in England and 28 in Scotland. As we have stated above this is based on everyone attending following social distancing. Also, this is greatly dependant of the venue size. Although this figure is a maximum, some venues cannot accommodate this number and safely social distance. Double check with your funeral venue as to there capacity, following the current guidelines.

If you are planning a funeral at this difficult time and you need some guidance. Feel free to contact your local funeral director, Albert E Hicks. Our skilled team are here to help, and we ensure each client is fully informed how the new guidelines affect them

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