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Grief Awareness Week 2023

This year, National Grief Awareness Week falls on the week starting the 2nd of December. The purpose is to raise awareness of grief and give people an opportunity to share their experiences. This could be through writing, artwork, discussion or any other way of expressing their feelings. We’ve put together a few things that you can do to offer support to others during National Grief Week and beyond.

Offer An Ear

People who are experiencing grief may find it difficult to talk. A lot of people find it awkward to talk to their loved ones when they know they’re feeling very sad. However, sometimes the best support you have to offer is an ear to listen to them. They may want to talk about their feelings or about something else entirely. No matter what they want to share, be sure to offer support, time and empathy.

Show Your Support Online

You can post or share information about National Grief Awareness Week on your social media. Not only does this help to spread awareness, it also shows your connections that you’re open to offering them support. To help those who may not be likely to approach you for help, you can share information about charities and organisations who are able to offer support.

man giving advice to a loved one

Show Your Support At Work

You could approach your company’s human resources department (or similar) and ask if they’re planning anything for National Grief Awareness Week. If not, you could suggest that they do something to offer support to employees. This could involve curating a selection of resources to turn to in the event of a bereavement, offering practical support where applicable, or organising an event to raise funds and awareness.

Grief Can Unite Us All

At some point in nearly all of our lives, we will experience grief. Raising awareness and knowing how to support those who are grieving is really important. If you’re able to contribute anything, no matter how big or small, you could make a big difference to someone’s life. Sometimes, just knowing who or where to turn to can help you manage with even the most devastating grief.  

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