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Have You Made A Plan For Later Life

One thing that always come to everyone is time, none of us likes to think about growing older but having a plan in place can bring peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. Planning for things such as pre-paid funeral plans, your will and your retirement can be daunting, but we have put together some helpful hints to guide you through.

Make A Will

By having your will in place now can bring valuably less stress to the future. Write out what & who you want to leave your property & possessions to. By writing these out first you can be clear for when the official will is written up.

Discussing this with your family can be hard but you will be able to lay out your wishes in a clear & concise why. Another point to remember is power of attorney, should you become ill or be unable to convey your wishes, someone is in place to make those choices on your behalf.

Your Retirement Plan

When you plan for retirement having all your finances in place can be daunting. Do you need to downsize? Would you like to move into a retirement community? All these questions will need to be thought about. Once your retirement comes you will have a plan to perfectly transition into a new phase of your life.

Don’t forget to check any pension for details you need to be aware of. By finding out how much money your will have each month will allow you to prepare a budget.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Funerals are becoming increasingly expensive and pre-paid funeral plans may be the ideal way to combat these costs.

The cost of a funeral will be fixed at todays price and your local funeral director will be able to guide you in making your funeral plans. Pre-paid funeral plans can be paid for by either one lump sums, monthly payments or fixed payment options. Contact a provider such as ourselves at A E Hicks who will be able to explain how these funeral plans can best work for you.

A E Hicks Funeral Planning Newport

Here at Albert E Hicks we can help you to make a plan for your funeral in Newport, with simple payment options and a trust that we will give the best service to our customers. For further help with any of our services or if you have any enquiries, feel free to give us a call on 01633 259225.

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