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How To Cope With The Anniversary Of A Death

The anniversary of a death is a poignant time which can evoke feelings of grief and heartbreak. Whilst it can be easy to withdraw, being prepared can help you to cope and deal with your emotions in a healthy way. In this short piece, we share a few ideas and tips for coping with the anniversary of a loved one’s death.

Start A New Tradition

It is very normal to dread the anniversary of a death, as it is easy to find yourself reliving the most painful moments. For this reason, having something to look forward to on the death anniversary itself can make a big difference. Starting new, enjoyable traditions that keep your loved one’s memory alive may help you to celebrate their life and also process your own emotions. If you’d like to be with family and friends, you could organise a picnic, or perhaps a walk in a treasured place. Lighting a candle at home and flicking through photo albums is also a sentimental way to reflect over someone’s life.

Write Them A Letter

If you’re really struggling to cope with your emotions, writing a letter to your loved one can help you to clear your mind. It can also be therapeutic as you may feel as though you are communicating with them directly. You could tell them how your family is doing, what you have been up to since their passing, or share how your life has been without them. Don’t be afraid to be honest, as it’s important to get your true feelings out. When you are finished, you could keep the letter at home, bury it in a special location, or take it to their resting place.

Don’t Spend The Whole Anniversary Of A Death Alone

Even though you may feel like it, spending too much time alone on the anniversary of a death might not be the best approach. We know it can be hard, but consider arranging some time to see a friend or family member. You don’t need to do anything extravagant, even just having someone over for a coffee can help you to feel supported and less isolated. 

Be Kind To Yourself

The anniversary of a death is a difficult, complicated time. Above all else, remember to be kind to yourself, and allow time to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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