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How To Pay For A Funeral Plan

Paying for a funeral can be a daunting and distressing task when a loved one passes away but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a range of Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plans available, all of which range in price allow you to pay in a few different ways.

Our pre-paid funeral plans cover everything from our professional services to transport and an allowance towards 3rd party costs so that no matter what happens, your loved ones aren’t left with the burden of paying for your funeral. With our Simple Funeral Plans starting from £3,495, we understand that this can be a large sum of money for many people which is why we offer various payment options.

Choose How to Pay For Your Funeral

Our funeral payment options have made it easy and simple for anybody to pay for their service. Depending on your age, our methods of payment are designed to be inclusive of everyone’s budgets and needs.

Paying In Full

We understand that some people just want instant peace of mind and to ensure their loved ones are free from paying for their funeral which is why paying in full means you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. When you pay for your plan in full, you are instantly covered for all of the arrangements made, including whichever level of plan you have decided on.

This one of single payment covers the whole cost of the ceremony and other services from our professional team of funeral directors in Newport. One more benefit of payment in full is that you will receive a whole 10 years of safe & secure storage for your Golden Charter Will. This means it will be kept safe should the worst happen. This also includes any amendments you wish to make during this time.

12 Monthly Payments

Split the cost of your pre-paid funeral plan with 12 easy monthly payments. This popular method means there is less of a financial output than paying in full. These payments are easy to make via direct debit and there are no additional costs added on.

Simply pay your deposit and set up the direct debit with us. Both the initial deposit payment and the monthly sum will differ depending on the prepaid plan you choose. You will be completely covered once the plan is paid off in the 12th month.

Both of these options are great for paying for your prepaid plan in a short period of time. For some people this suits them perfectly and can relieve the possible stress of worrying who is going to pay for your funeral.

Having your funeral plan paid off means you are covered and protected from the rising costs of inflation for the future.

Paying Low Cost Installments

We pride ourselves on being inclusive of everyone’s situation and finances which is why we offer the low cost installments option. This will break down your monthly payments much more across a longer period of time. These payments will be determined by the funeral plan you choose as well as the length of the payment term.

Ranging from 2 – 30 years, this option gives you complete flexibility on how much you pay towards your funeral plan. If you are aged 78 or under, this option is available to you. You will be covered once your funeral plan has been paid off in full at the end of the payments.

Monthly Fixed Payments

Calculated by your age and choice of funeral plan, our fixed monthly payment option makes your funeral plan affordable over a certain period of time. If you’re aged between 50 – 80 years of age, then these payments can be made affordable.

After 2 years of consecutive payments, you will be fully covered for our services and the funeral plan you agreed upon with our professional funeral directors in Newport.

Paying for your funeral doesn’t have to be a burden or cause you financial strain, take advantage of our many payment options to spread the cost and prevent your loved ones from being left with the financial burden of paying for your funeral.

Contact Us For More Information On Paying for Your Funeral Plan

Our expert & compassionate funeral directors can advise you on the services we offer as well as assist you with choosing a payment method. With many years of experience, we can ensure that your plan is suitable for you and meets your needs

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