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How To Save Money On Funeral Costs

Despite knowing arranging a funeral is not a nice thing to have to do, at some point in our lives we will all have to arrange or plan a funeral. Funerals can be expensive and if you’re not careful can cause a lot of financial stress.

By making a few changes to the funeral or by having a prepaid funeral plan, you can save a lot of time and money. So, if you want to know more about how to save money on funeral costs, we’ve got a short guide for you

Cremation V Burial Costs

The average cost of a burial service in the UK is roughly £1,000 more than a cremation. In the UK, roughly 80% of people choose a cremation over a burial. Depending on location of course, burials can be around £4,500 whereas cremations average around £3,500. Making them much more affordable and for a number of reasons more appealing to people planning funerals.

What Are Woodland Burials

With burial and cemetery prices on the rise, burials in woodland areas are becoming more common. Some people choose a woodland burial are because of the more natural aspect, whereas others see a woodland burial as a more affordable burial option. Woodland or Nature burial sites have a range of prices available to suit different budgets. Some of them may have different rules or guidelines that need to be met in order to have a woodland burial there. These can include the material of the coffin or instructions relating to the surrounding areas of the burial site.

Cheapest Dates & Times Of Funerals

The rates of funerals very much differ depending on the day and time of the funeral. Many people often ask “How can I save money on funeral costs”, well, the day and time could help save even hundreds of pounds if you’re lucky! Funerals are more popular on weekends or in the middle of the day to allow time for travelling and so more family members are able to attend. As a result of this, funeral directors tend to offer cheaper rates out of those popular times.

Coffin Prices

Coffins can be expensive, with all the other cost implications of a funeral, do you really need a glamorous expensive coffin? Nowadays, people go for a cheaper alternative when considering cremations as the coffin is going to be burnt. There’s bamboo, wicker, cardboard and many other types of materials that are more affordable and better for the environment.

Choosing Funeral Transport

Having a paid form of transport at funerals is quite an old fashioned funeral aspect. This again adds a lot more to the cost of a funeral, when the simple solution is to use your own transport. Using your own transport will save money and can be seen as a way to keep family together in a time of bereavement.

Have the Wake At Home

Having a wake or a funeral reception can sometimes be seen as another way to spend a lot of money on a funeral. Having a wake or reception at home instead of hiring out a venue can be a much cheaper alternative whilst still maintaining the family aspect.

Prepaid Funeral Plans Newport

Funeral costs continue to rise year on year, so why not try to save every penny while you can? Here’s the trick, prepaid funeral plans are a way to relieve stress from your loved ones when you have passed. When you take out a prepaid funeral plan, it allows you to pay for your own funeral before you pass at todays rates. This bit is the most important as it saves you from inflation rates and sudden price increases over the years. There’s many more ways you can save money on funeral costs, for more information please contact us at A E Hicks on 01633 259225.

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