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Later Life & How To Plan

Planning for our later years is not the first thing we want to think about. Deciding how you would like your life to be once you retire and how you wish to be cared for, should you be taken ill is an important choice to make. By having a plan in place, your family will be able to act on your wishes and give you a higher level of control in your life throughout.

Planning For Your Retirement

Planning for your retirement can take a lot of stress away. By making a list of what you would like to do and how you want to finance it, can be a great help in being prepared. Having a financial plan for your retirement will help you to make a new lifestyle to suit your budget and help you to make choice in adjustments you made need to make. Such as whether you will need to downsize to free up funds or cashing in any investment you may have.

Making A Will

Often making a will is put off because we think it’s not needed right now but having one in place means your wishes will be fulfilled and anything you leave has gone to the person you want. You can either make out your will yourself or engage a solicitor but do make sure you have your will stored in a place that is easily available at the correct time.

What Are Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It’s good to know what pre-paid funeral plans are. We offer a range of funeral plans in Newport that can be tailored to everyone to make paying or their ceremony a less stressful process for them and their family. You can pay for a funeral plan it the best way to suit you and your budget. Everything from the service to the cars are covered in pre-paid funeral plans, do check with the funeral director to see the best plan for you.

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