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Misconceptions About A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Do you understand pre-paid funeral plans and what they offer? Arranging your funeral can be a difficult choice and understanding how they work & the common misconceptions about these types of funeral plans, will help you make the best choice for you. We have put together a short blog to help you better understand the popular misconceptions about a pre-paid funeral plan.

Is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Insurance

Basically, a pre-paid funeral plan is not a type of insurance plan. When you take out a funeral plan you will, with your chosen funeral director, plan out how you want your funeral to be and the specific details you want to include. Many plans include most of the arrangements you need in your funeral and you will be able to pay for your funeral, either in full or with a flexible payment option.

This means there will be no payments to make when the plan is used, as long as the funeral plan cost has be fully completed. Always check what is included in any plan and if any extra monies need to be put aside for these.

Can You Pay More Into a Funeral Plan Than You Get Out

A pre-paid funeral plan, as mentioned above, is not an insurance policy. You will pay today’s funeral cost prices and once the plan has been paid in full, you will pay no more money.
Some plans that advertise themselves as “funeral plans” that will give an amount of money on death to pay for funerals, that can vary in pay out, but these are not the same as pre-paid funerals provided by A E Hicks. A proper pre-paid funeral plan provider will not ask for any additional costs to be paid that are included within your plan.

Are Funeral Plans Expensive

Many providers will give you payment options for completing your pre-paid funeral plan. With a choice of options to choose from such as:-
-Payment in full
-Flexible Payment Options for your funeral
-Monthly instalments over a set period of time

There is a choice to meet all budgets and your funeral director will help to guide you to the best option for your situation. Don’t feel pressured to take up a funeral plan that will leave you in financial difficulties and the provider should not pressure you to do this.

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