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Resolving Funeral Disagreements

At a time that can be very difficult, emotions can be heightened, resolving funeral disagreements can be hard. A person’s will does not always layout every detail and when it comes to planning a funeral, disagreements can happen between the deceased loved ones. We have put together some helpful hints to ensure you are prepared for any funeral issues that may arise.

Talk Through Funeral Issues

Remember to keep talking. Talk through any issues, keeping your views to yourself can make the situation more lengthy. If the deceased has made a detailed plan, then respect their wishes, they have taken the time to help you make the process easier. No one likes to think of planning a funeral and as stated above, emotions do run high at times like this.

Make A Funeral Plan

If you are starting from the beginning with any funeral arrangements, sit down with everyone involved and make a funeral plan. What do you want to include in your funeral service? As a friends or family members, you know them best and planning out how you can best represent them in their service is a great start. Your funeral director is a great source of help when it comes to issues to do with service and funeral arrangements, they can guide you through each stage and make the planning process that bit easier.

Funeral Director

As your local funeral director, we at Albert E Hicks are experienced funeral directors with many years of planning funerals. Our expert team are happy to give all our clients advice on every detail of your funeral arrangements. Established in 1923, we have extensive experience in delivering funeral services throughout Newport and South Wales. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate funeral services that are tailored to reflect the personality of a loved one.

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