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Should I Have Funeral Wishes In My Will

When we right our wills the last thing people ever imagine is that they need to add their funeral arrangements or wishes. This does need to be thought about though. We all like to think that our passing will bring our family together but in some cases our funerals can cause disagreements. Find out how these can be avoided by simply asking answering the question, should I have funeral wishes in my will?

Are Funeral Wishes A Legal Requirement

Pretty much, no. In law, funeral wishes do not have to be followed. Your executer will oversee your funeral arrangements for you and if they or someone else wants to change any plans they will be able to. Not forgetting that a lot of wills are rad after the funeral, so unless instructed to your solicitor, your funeral wishes may not be noticed till its to late.

Why Get A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

To combat the above and get your funeral plans in place, the answer is a pre-paid funeral plan. These kinds of preplanning allow you to pick every aspect of your funeral and pay for it in advance. With many payment options available, these kinds of pre-paid funeral plans are ideal for having everything in place.

Once you take out a funeral plan, you will work with a trusted local funeral director to arrange the aspects of your funeral. From service to transport, most areas will be covered. Remember that some arrangements are not included within the pre-paid funeral plans and need to have monies put to one side to cover the cost.

Should You Add Your Funeral Plan To Your Will

As we have said above, if you do include any funeral plans in your will, you need to instruct your solicitor to make the executor aware before the funeral takes place. This may not always be possible to make an arrangement like this. The easiest and efficient way is to involve your family and friends in the planning of your pre-paid funeral plan and then, although we hope it will not be used for years, they are aware when the day comes.

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