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Ups & Downs Of A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Planning for the future rarely involve planning for your own funeral but it can be a good thing to consider. More than 1.3m people have already taken the step to take up a funeral plan. We will take a look at the ups and downs of taking out a plan to prepare for your funeral.

What Is A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

It’s all in the name, pre-paid funeral. Simply put, when you take out the plan all the arrangements will be taken by your trusted funeral director and you will either pay in instalments or in a one off payment. When the time comes these plans will then be put in action.

Ups Of A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

• The main reason to have a pre-paid funeral plan is cost. The price you pay now is fixed at the cost of funerals today. With funeral costs increasing, it will give you and the ones left behind the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

• Funeral plan flexible payment options are a major plus. You can find the right option for you and pay for it in a way that best suits your circumstances.
• You can arrange the funeral you would like such as your favourite song, flowers and any other arrangement that best represents you.
• Very few pre-paid funeral plans require a medical or health check so, you can have the peace of mind there will be no hidden surprises.
• The simple knowledge that when your family are grieving they do not need to worry about the funeral as it is all taken care of.

Downs Of A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

• Planning for a funeral that we all hope will be a long time off can be very upsetting for you and your family.
• Double check any plan you take out and what it covers. Any extra arrangements that are not covered by the policy need to be taken into consideration.
• Money. You will need to pay to keep the policy active until all payments have been made and should you decide to pay the full amount, this may seem like a large investment.

We hope we have been able to answer any questions you may have about funeral plans and given you clear answers to see if a pre-paid funeral plan is for you.


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