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What Is A Green Funeral

Ever heard of a green funeral? No not the colour, green as in helping the environment green! These are funerals that attempt to have as little of a negative impact on our environment as possible. Due to the effects to the carbon footprint of cremation and the shortage in traditional burial plots, many people are turning to some of the more eco-friendly ways to be buried.

What Are Eco Friendly Burials

A green burial consists of people being buried in a more natural way to not only reflect the circle of life but also takes mother nature into consideration through damaging the environment less and reducing carbon footprint. By using non-toxic and biodegradable coffins, green burials reduce the impact of a burial on the natural surroundings. Options such as wicker caskets or cardboard alternatives are becoming more popular due to their easy disintegration and cost effectiveness.

What Are Eco-Friendly Coffins

There is more than one way to make your coffin eco-friendly. For example, it is important to consider where your coffin is being imported from, if it is not made here in the UK, the far away country it is coming from may be causing pollution and damaging the environment. As well as this, simple things like the material the coffin is made from can have an impact on the environment.

Natural Burial Site

With the UK alone having over 100 natural burial sites there is an increase in the number of people choosing to be buried on a natural burial site. Here’s a few things to think about with regards to natural burial sites.

Some green burial sites will only allow coffins made from certain materials so make sure that you have researched this prior to any commitments.

Natural burials welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds. There are no gravestones used but some natural burial sites allow wooden markers or commemorative plaques as an alternative.

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