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Who Can Conduct A Funeral Service

In short, anyone can. Depending on religious beliefs and personal preference, anyone can conduct a funeral service. There are a number of options available, want to know more about who can conduct a funeral service?

How To Choose A Funeral Director

The traditional way consists of a religious figure, such as a vicar or priest, including a number of prayers and religious readings in a ceremony. There is a traditional order of how a funeral proceeding should go, where as now the traditional way is becoming increasingly less popular.

If your loved one had religious beliefs, it is a good idea to honour these beliefs when planning their funeral. In these circumstances it may be a good idea to have the funeral in a religious place of worship with a religious leader holding the ceremony.

What Is A Civil Celebrant

Civil celebrants are people who can hold funerals with no religious beliefs, yet they can conduct a funeral with some religious beliefs included or none. They can include religious readings in the ceremony and can also not include them. Civil celebrants can be flexible and adhere relatively to your needs.

Civil based funerals are more aimed to focus on the needs of the family and the deceased. This means they do not stick to the old fashioned way that funerals are conducted and can be modified.

Although people may not claim to be “religious” some civil funerals can have popular religious readings in them to add a traditional element. Although civil celebrants can bring in some religious aspects, they do not have the authority to perform religious blessings and rites etc.

What Is A Humanist Celebrant

A humanist celebrant very much focuses on the individuals life and believes not in religion but in the scientific meaning of life and death. Humanist celebrants focus on personalising the funeral as much as possible to ensure that the ceremony does not appear to be scripted but is based solely around the preferences of the individual and their loved ones.

Humanist celebrants are not open to any religious elements of the funeral, they can be very helpful with the personal aspects of the funerals.

Family Members & Friends

As we mentioned earlier, anyone can conduct a funeral service. There is a lot of planning that should go in to the running of the service. Being the person running the service (the celebrant) will consist of you speaking in front of a crowd and potentially having to read prayers, poems and readings.

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