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Why Do We Need A Pre Paid Funeral Plan?

Pre-paid funeral plans are a great way of setting out financial provisions for when the eventual time comes. Setting out a financial plan for your own funeral is a way of giving your loved ones peace of mind for the future.

Why Do I Need A Pre Paid Funeral Plan?

Funeral plans are simply a way of being able to ensure the funeral you have is paid for in advance. It also means you can write in some of the details for the service too so that your funeral director can act upon them when the time comes.

When a loved one passes away, it can be a difficult and stressful time, so giving them less to plan and organise can be a real weight lifted. Our local funeral directors will be able to facilitate the wishes made in your funeral plan to allow your family and friends to grieve instead of worrying about planning your funeral.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Funeral?

According to studies by SunLife, the cost of a traditional burial in 2020 was £5,033 which has increased steadily each year. This means that when a loved one dies the family are left facing significant financial burdens.

Reports have shown that many family members have found themselves in debt at the unexpected cost of a funeral. This has hit younger people particularly hard as they have turned to credit and loans to cover the cost of a funeral. 

The fundamental reason to take out a funeral plan is to ensure that your family is safe from financial burden. For the plan holder it is peace of mind that you are not leaving your family with covering the costs. 

The plan holder can also plan much of the funeral in advance which we know may be daunting but this will mean at the unfortunate time of death, our compassionate funeral directors will know exactly what to do and can plan much of the funeral on behalf of your family.

Making Funeral Arrangements

We know that making decisions on someone’s funeral can compound the effects of grief. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for a funeral plan is that the planholder is able to make a formal record of the funeral arrangements in detail. This both ensures you have the funeral you want and also that your family don’t have to arrange a funeral whilst grieving.

Studies show that 25% of over 75’s try to avoid discussing their funeral with their adult children for fear of making them feel uncomfortable. Talking openly with your family members will make the  situation easier when the time comes. Our funeral planning services mean you can discuss your arrangements with us too so that we can assist anyway we can when the time comes.

As a funeral plan is an arrangement between the planholder and our funeral directors, the conversation is a candid and professional run through of organisational procedure. It means at the time of passing, details of your service have been pre-arranged and your friends and family haven’t had the burden of arranging your funeral and making those difficult decisions.

Choosing Us As Your Funeral Director

We have been funeral directors in Newport and the surrounding areas since 1923, ensuring that loved ones get the funeral service they deserve. We offer Golden Charter funeral plans that suit the needs of the plan holder from payment options to specific details about the service.

If you would like to know more information about the funeral services we offer please call us on 01633 259225 or contact us.

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