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Why Is The Order Of Service So Important

Majority of us have attended a funeral and have been handed an order of service as we arrived. Although a simple booklet, this is an important part of the funeral service. It gives you an insight into the deceased and it says a lot about who they were as a person. We have put together some ideas to better understand this little book and help should you be putting one together.

What’s Included In The Order Of Service

Usually about 8 pages long this little book gives you a great deal of information about the service and more importantly, who the person was & how they lived their life.

The front page usually has a picture of the deceased with details of their birth and death date. Many included a brief quote, a favourite saying or even their favourite song verse.

The internal pages are usually as below: –

Details about the person- if you are writing this verse, remember it’s about them and their life, family and passions. There is no set formula, if you are having trouble just think about all their best qualities.

  • A schedule of the day and any details of the wake after the service.
  • Complete words for any hymns, readings or poems that will be read in the service.
  • Any other photos you should wish to share.
  • A list of songs you will be playing in the service.
  • On the rear page there is usually another image of the deceased. Try to show an image of another side of their personality, a fun image of better times.

If you are unsure about what to put in the order of service, talk to your funeral director, they will be happy to help you put together the perfect order of service for your loved one.

Adding Personal Touches

Don’t be afraid to make it personal. If the deceased was a fun, jokey person and they would have loved to have a few jokes in the order of service then why not, everyone there will know it’s very them.

Photos are a great way to add that personal touch, you can add an entire page or two showing them through their life. You can make the order service with a theme should you wish such as their favourite passed time or a lifelong passion.

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